Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Au-Pair Occupata

As my time in Italy comes to a close, I'm becoming progressively busier. Isn't that how it always happens though? Per usual, I find myself coming and going in whirlwinds, with perhaps some time to rest during the in-between times. Anyways, I've recently picked up a pseudo job teaching English twice weekly to a Brazilian woman, who also attends my same Italian course. Not only do most Italians have a lot of trouble understanding the British dialect, they also think it is pretty awful to listen to. Never have I ever been so complimented on my American accent. Actually, I'm not sure I've ever heard anything positive about the American accent before coming to Italy. So there you have it: Americans find British English elegant and refined, while Italians feel that way about American English. We always want what we don't have, I guess.

It seems I'm only ever really conscious about being an American once outside the States. Everything about being in a foreign environment heightens your awareness of home and origin. You're always comparing, the new to the "norm." When I think about the ways in which so many of our own immigrants live in the US, it kind of makes sense that they are very often adamant about preserving their cultures--perhaps even more so abroad, for fear of losing self.

I digress. Back to the subject of jobs...there are potentially TWO nannying opportunities in Rome waiting for YOU (or someone you know who might be interested)!

1) The first would be in Ostia (beach town 10 minutes from Infernetto) in the home of the Brazilian woman I tutor. She has just one 9?-year-old boy. She speaks some English and is very kind.

2) The second would be right across the street from where I now live in Infernetto! I met the family on Sunday and they are extremely kind. They have three very cute and well-behaved children (Francesco-8, Elena-10, and Matilde-12). While they do not speak much English, "my" family would be right across the street and their English is very good.

In both cases, Ashley (other American Au-Pair in Infernetto) and I (potentially) will be returning this spring, so you'd be in good company--we're trying to form a mini American colony over here. Anyways, I'm happy to provide more information, just leave a comment or send me an email at

To add to the whirlwind around here, early tomorrow morning (Italy time) I will be on the train bound for Florence. And before returning to Rome Sunday evening, I will be making another short stop in Venice. Why not? When in Rome. While these trips will certainly be abbreviated, I am excited for even a small taste of these famous cities. I've been battling cold and flu-like symptoms since Saturday, but am determined to power through it this weekend--in the name of gondolas and gelato!


  1. Sare- let's talk when you get back. Maybe I'll join you and Ashley... whoops!