Friday, August 17, 2012


Today, the Garber women and I drove to Motta's neighbor city, Catania, to run errands in the market and then relax on the beach. This is not your average American farmer's market either. Here, a plethora of vendors sell their meats, produce, and cheeses everyday of the week. I wish I had taken a video of the action because it reminded me so much of Spain for one reason: everyone was yelling and no one was listening. 

Cathedral in Catania's main piazza

Catania's city symbol is the elephant even though you won't find any elephants anywhere.

If you like very potent fish fumes, this is the place for you.

Meaningful photo #36: serene woman amidst the market chaos 

Shamelessly accepting oysters from a man in Catania's fish market

Some babes we met on the beach....oh wait.

I'll sum up our beach experience in a few words: men in speedos...everywhere, too many women in bikinis, Lena stealing strangers' possessions, and a variety of men tirelessly trying to sell the same thing. I'm not sure anything could have tainted our experience, though; we were on a beach in Sicily after all!

Mama and baby on the beach

New bff and baby saying, "Ciao for now!"

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