Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today, the Garber girls and I made the hour drive to the city of Siracusa (sear-ah-coo-sah). There seem to be a number of sites to see within only one hour of Motta, which has made for a very full and varied visit.

First stop was the open-air market. Personally, I preferred this one to Catania's for the free samples: stewed vegetables on french bread and chunks (I hate that word) of baked ricotta. Grazie mille!

The main piazza in the heart of Siracusa.

Formerly a Greek temple, this edifice was later transformed into a Roman Catholic cathedral, showcasing an interior of eclectic columns and architecture in general. 

Man down! When this baby decides she's tired, no piazza littered in cigarette butts and bird droppings is going to stop her.

11:30 AM fix...never too early. Please also note the palm tree in the upper right hand corner that also conveniently bears a striking resemblance to a gelato cone.

Apparently the city of Siracusa is famous for the papyrus pictured here, which can only grow where freshwater meets saltwater. Surrounding shops were filled with paper they made from the plant.

Try and tell me this speedo-ed man wasn't posing.

After a long stroll in the heat, the Garber women and I stopped for a crucial beach break.

Sending this one in for Carnival Cruise Line ad

Before heading back to Motta, Becca introduced us to her favorite pizzeria in town. After all, (wo)man cannot live on gelato alone...or can she? 

Somehow these rocks reminded me of a shredded wheat

And just for fun: on a city-wide quest for granita in Motta yesterday, Jess and I discovered the European life"saver"...


  1. City wide quest is an understatement...more like mice in a maze. But in answer to the question about living on gelato alone--the answer is yes. through and through.

  2. Amen and amen. Also failed to mention our shameful arrival. Alone. Waiting. "FAT."

  3. I love how you two are the main commenters on this blog.Ahaha.

    Love every picture and caption -- yes to shredded wheat! git in ma bellih!